Just like a birthday party for your child, a book fair can be a small gathering or a huge
celebration.  You can tailor your fair to best suite your needs and your available
resources.  We’ve gathered together some great ideas from the people that truly know
how to have a successful book fair – our media specialists and volunteer coordinators!  

Choose the size of the “party” you want to throw and here are some of the tips and
suggestions we’ve learned:

If you prefer to print out this information and read it offline, you can
Download Here.  Check out our Available Downloads page for forms in other formats.

If you’re limited for volunteers, here are the basics of what you need to do to make your
fair successful:

1)  Ask for help!
    If possible, ask for a few volunteers to help you plan and handle your fair.  They
    can help you with any of the tasks listed below.  While you can ask all your
    classrooms, consider asking your kindergarten teachers (or lowest grades) to
    send the flier home with their daily/weekly folders.   We’ve found they are most
    likely to volunteer AND you can keep them as repeat volunteers for next go
    around! Download Volunteer Letter

    If you decide to ask for help, make certain that you have a plan for exactly what
    you want the volunteers to do during their time so they will feel valued and
    utilized.  Create a simple schedule for your volunteers and keep it available for
    easy access. Download Volunteer Schedule

2)  Invite the school!
  • Ensure the book fair is approved by your principal and on your school’s calendar
    as soon as it is booked.
  • Request that the fair be publicized on your school’s website and promoted on the
    outside marquee sign.
  • Hang posters and/or fliers to promote your fair at least one week in advance.
  • Distribute book lists to your teacher’s to send home with their students (fliers
    featuring titles from the fair) with the times and dates of your fair and the specific
    date and time that the class will shop the fair.  Consider sending home a parent
    letter that announces your Classroom Wish Registry Program and Teacher Gift
    Certificate Program.  If you want to use the registry program, just let us know to
    send you some book plate stickers as part of your planning kit.  Download Parent
  • If not using your regular media schedule, create a schedule so that all of your
    students get the opportunity to shop with their class.  Download Class Book Fair
    Visit Schedule

3)  Clear a Space and Empty Tables!
    Prior to the delivery of your fair, make sure you’ve cleared a space for us to set
    up.  Have a   space and empty tables available.  When our driver arrives, they
    will set up as much or as little of the fair that you want…just let them know.

4)  Organize your Check Out!
    Set up your cash wrap area so you can easily total your students’ purchases,
    make change, accept credit cards and bag purchased books and school
    supplies.  Just let us know how many cash registers you will be needing for your
    fair. Every fair comes with one cash register automatically. A few items that might
    be handy to have at your check out are:  pens for signing credit card slips, post-
    it-notes, spare roll of cash register tape, etc.

5)  Let your students shop and enjoy the fair!
  • Classroom Wish List Registry
    Encourage teachers to fill out their Classroom Wishlist Registry ASAP!  You
    might even want to hold a teacher preview gathering the first afternoon you
    receive your fair for just such a purpose.  If you want to keep it easy, just pop a
    bunch of popcorn and ask them to come munch and shop.
    Download Teacher Invite and Download Classroom Wish List Registry

    During the fair, as parents and students purchase titles from a Classroom Wish
    Registry, just record the student that donated the book AND ask if they would like
    to take the book so that the student can personally give it to their teacher.  Write
    the name of the person giving the book on a book plate and affix it to the inside.  
    If the book is being left for you to deliver later then, label the title with a bookmark
    or post it showing the teacher’s name and grade.  

    It’s a good idea to have a secure area (or box) for storing such gifts.  The same
    process works if you are choosing to sell gift certificates for teachers.  You may
    want to pre-label envelopes organized by grade & teacher to store purchased gift
    certificates awaiting redemption.

  • Reorders:  If you find you need us to restock a title, record it and then we ask
    that you either email us at reorders@cranebooksales.com or fax us at 1-877-389-
    0148 for the fastest service.  If you are not able to email or fax, you can call us at
    1-877-266-5757.  We ask that you send your orders in by 1:30 CDT so we can
    get them packed and back to you.  Most arrive via our own drivers or via UPS by
    the next day.  While we don’t require you use a specific order form; but, here's
    one we've made for you: Download Reorder Form  

6)  Tally up your sales!
    Most people choose to tally their sales daily and then transfer the totals to their
    profit letter at the end of the fair.  We don’t require that you use a tally form to
    show your daily sales; however, your school’s book keeper might have their own
    form.  We’ve included a blank form for your convenience in your planning kit and
    here it is again if you need it Download Sales Tally Form. Excel Version or PDF

7)  Remove books for Book Profit from your Fair!
    Before your fair is scheduled to be packed up, make certain that you pull all the
    books that you plan to keep as book profit.  Make certain you total this amount
    so you can enter it on your profit worksheet.

8)  Finishing Up!  
    Complete your profit worksheet and submit it for payment to your school
    bookkeeper. Your Profit Worksheet was included in your planning kit. If you need
    a replacement copy, email us or give us a call and we'll get that right out to you.

    Please give us feedback (both good and bad) so we can learn and grow:  Fill out
    your survey from your planning kit , email us or call us to let us know if there is
    anything we can do to better serve you on your next fair.  We want you, your
    principal, your teachers and your students to be happy and consider your fair a
    great success and your feedback is vital for us to continuously learn and grow.

9)  Thank your Teachers, Students and Administration!
    Just like any good host knows, make sure you take a moment to send a note or
    email of thanks to your volunteers, your teachers and your administrator.  
    Consider making a poster for your check out desk announcing your success to
    your students.  If you used your profits to make a special purchase or bring an
    author event to your school…let them know that their support of the book fair
    made it happen.

10)  Reserve your Next Date!
    We try to always accommodate everyone but, sometimes weeks do fill up so, the
    sooner you can lock in your dates the better to ensure you get exactly what you’
    re requesting.  

Here’s how:
  • You can tell your driver at Pack Up to reserve the same date for next year
  • AND/OR get $50 in books of your next fair by reserving your next fair directly on
    your Profit Work Sheet/Invoice
  • Choose the Contact Us Page on our website to call us, fax us, email us a note or
    email us directly at  schedule@cranebooksales.com  
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