Do you have rolling book cases?
Yes, we provide rolling book cases to ALL our fairs.

What profit will I earn?
We have an increasing cash profit scale that begins when a school's total sales
reach $800; they earn 20% Cash or 40% Book Profit.

Do you provide pre-printed book list fliers to send home to my students?
Yes, in your planning kit we will provide you with a quantity of fliers for you to send
home with your students to alert your parents that your book fair is coming.

Will there be affordable books on my fair?
Yes, every rolling case has a special shelf of $2 titles and we send you additional
boxes of further reduced items so that all children can afford to purchase a book at
your fair.  Plus, most of the regular items on our fairs are at a reduced price.

Do you have current titles?
We constantly add new titles from all children's publishers.  This Fall Season, we
are proud to announce that our fairs are shipping with the largest new release book
list we've ever presented.

Do you set up and pack up the fair?
Yes, we will set up your fair EVERY TIME or if you prefer to set up certain
components, just let our Crane Team driver know.  We want to accommodate your
needs.  Also, we will arrive and pack up your fair on your pick up date,

Who will deliver my fair?
Unlike some book fair providers, all of our fairs are delivered by a Crane Book
Sales Inc. employee that has been fully trained and background checked.  We DO
NOT use drivers for hire (temporary personnel) and rental trucks.  Our Crane Team
Drivers deliver and pick up every fair.

When will my book fair be delivered and picked up?
Your fair should be delivered by 11:00 am on your delivery date noted in your
planning kit package.  Typically, pick up is one week later on the same day of the
week; however, if your school has specific scheduling needs, please just let us
know as far in advance as possible.

How many rolling book cases will I receive?
We determine the number of cases based on your previous sales.  Your fair will
contain several thousand books.  Plus, we pack each case so that titles overlap
allowing your fair to look full and fresh even as you begin selling to your students.

Do you carry non-book items?
Yes, we do carry items such as posters, bookmarks, diaries, activity kits, pencils,
erasers and some novelty items.  While these items can truly assist in your total
sales, we recognize that ultimately it is your decision about what items are
appropriate for your school.  You can choose not to sell specific items or let us
know in advance if there are some items that you do not wish to have on your fair.

Do you have cash registers?
Yes, every fair comes with a cash register. Let us know if you will need more than
one. Also, we carry credit card machines!

Do you have shopping bags?
Yes, they are delivered with your fair.
Frequently Asked Questions
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