What’s the Crane Book Fair Difference?

Our Service Commitment – Make book fairs EASIER for you!

We appreciate that in these tough economic times that you don’t always have the
hands needed to keep your media center running much less taking on the extra
task of running a book fair so, we take the time and care to make running a book
fair as easy as possible.  If it’s easy then you’ll be able to run two fairs a year —
every year!  

We provide:

Full Set Up and Pack Up…
    Our Crane Book Sales drivers will do as much or as little as you need us to
    do to set up your fair.  Sure, it’s your fair and our rolling cases and table
    sorted boxes are easy for you to unpack; however, we’ll do as much or as
    little as you would like and we offer this service on every fair you do with us.  

No Hassle Restock Process…
    No forms or call centers across the country, just fax us or email us a list of
    what you need by 1:30 CDT and most orders are received the very next day.  
    Plus, we pack our cases by overlapping our titles so; you will have less need
    for restocks just to cover blank spaces.

Maximum Profits -- Up to 30% CASH or 60% Book Profit!
    You start earning cash for all fairs achieving $800 or more in sales and the
    percentage can grow to 30% CASH or 60% Book Profit for all fairs achieving
    at least $2,500 in sales.  

We offer AFFORDABLE books!
    Every rolling bookcase has a shelf of $2.00 discounted titles.  Plus, we also
    send you a selection or titles that are even lower priced.  We try to ensure
    that you have a fair that allows all children to participate.

We’re local!
    Our main warehouse is in Prattville, Alabama and it has been for the last
    twenty five years.  Charles and Sherry Crane have built their business here
    while they raised their kids here.  We don’t have to try and understand what’s
    important to the people of Alabama because this IS our community and we
    live here.  Also, we work to support our community by using local
    independent businesses whenever possible.

We’re independent!
    Because we are not affiliated with any specific publisher or retailer, we work
    to bring you the best the entire publishing industry has to offer without limits
    or constraints.  Each season, we buy from all the large publishing houses
    such as Random House, Harper Collins and Scholastic, plus we buy from
    local AL/GA/TN presses and other independent providers.  

    We strive to bring you the best selection of new award winning literature,
    current best sellers, popular and library favorite series titles; plus, we buy
    high interest titles that will capture your reluctant readers.  We also have an
    extensive network for fulfilling special orders and can work with you to bring
    in custom titles to support your battle of the books programs, reading lists,
    etc.  We also offer this custom order process independent of our fairs and
    can assist school Title 1 Coordinators in getting the most books for their

We are flexible and adaptable!
    We encourage you to let us know about your school and the specific needs
    of your students and teachers.  Plus, we have the flexibility to custom pack
    your fair for those special school situations such as high enrollment with
    primary grades only or smaller enrollment K-12 schools.  

    We work directly with private and/or religious schools to ensure we pack a
    fair that matches their values and needs.  With some pre-planning, we can
    also work with any school to support your reading list programs and will be
    piloting some special required reading pre-sale programs this spring.

We love competition!
    Unlike some book fair providers, we welcome competition because it ensures
    that we deliver you the best – every time!
Crane Book Fair Difference!